"I find beauty everywhere I look!"
Hi! Thanks for stopping in to take a look at my website!
I was raised in St. Helena, Ca., one of the most beautiful
wine growing areas of California. Although, when I was
growing up in the 40's and 50's, there were only a
handful of wineries.  But it was always beautifull!
My four sisters & I were always encouraged to
celebrate that beauty.  We all enjoyed drawing and my
sister Fran is a very talented writer as well. Being the
youngest, I never gave it much thought; I guess I
assumed that everyone had these abilities.  During the
late 70's, four of us sisters were actively pursuing some
form of artistic expression.
During those years, we had several shows together
billed as "A Family Affair". Today, my sister, Betty Jo
March is a very well known watercolorist specializing in
capturing the vineyards and hillsides of Napa Valley.  
Her works of art  hang in private collections all over the
In my earlier years I loved painting in oils but found it
difficult to find time for myself while coping with
raising a family.  I started taking pictures with the idea  
that "someday" I would paint from these
memories....when I had time.....when I had a
studio......when I ran out of excuses......
Well, someday arrived in 1999.  Bill & I retired and
moved to Lake County. Now, I had no job.....however....that year Bill got me my first
digital camera for Christmas.
(Believe me, he has lived to regret that!) 12 years and
almost as many cameras later, my photography has taken
on a life of it's own. I use it to capture and hold those
fleeting "moments" of light and color that are missed by
so many eyes!
With a camera and a computer, my dark room in a box, I
have complete artistic control over my images. And it
travels easier than an easel and a box of gooey paints!
But I am not really a photographer, I am an artist who
chooses to use a camera as my brush and nature as my
pallette to capture the beauty of our world.
Lake County has provided ample fodder for my cameras
but I still love to go over the mountain to Napa Valley
for the mustard in the spring and the wild colors of fall
in the vineyards.  
And now I have another passion!
I have been taking classes in hand building clay
with Gay McComb and have fallen in love with shaping
that clay to conform to wild and fun characters that are
hiding in my head.
Unlike painting or photography, this is "pure" me!
And if that is not enough,
recently,I pulled my paints out of the closet, dusted off
my easel and...... I sit staring at an empty canvas...
but who knows?!
Life is good!!
(So may end up immortalized in clay!)
Like Gene....... ;)
My work can be viewed at:
Lakeside Art
Harbor Village Art
Lucerne, Ca

Studio of Gay McComb
2932 Buckingham Drive
Kelseyville, Ca
My Studio is located at:
11666 Old Spruce Grove Rd.
Lower Lake, Ca
By Appt. Only
All of my images are for sale.  I have not listed prices
because the options are almost endless. I have had
some images printed as gallery wrapped giclee on
canvas and am thrilled with the results. These can
be framed but hang "as is" very nicely. For those that
prefer a standard print, matted under glass or
acrylic....all things are possible.
I am also available to do commissions.
If you have questions about sizing,prices, etc..
Please contact me!
There is an option that fits your space..
both inside and outside your wallet!!
Sites of Interest
Betty Jo March
Plein Air Painting
(My Sis)
Lakeside Art
Harbor Village Artists
Ruth Morgan
Gouache, Acrylic
Paper Mache
My display at Lakeside Art is on the
right  below. The
largest photo is
"Canopy of Colors",
a 3 way photo split , giclee on
Harvey Wallhanger
Lynn M. Hughes
Jewelry Designs
Calistoga Art Center
1435 North Oak Street
PO Box 197
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 942-2278
"Celebrate  Your Creativity!"
If you're wondering why the
smile, it's because someone
told him he looks like
Gene Wilder!
It really went to his head!
(he thinks he's sexy)